If you are a prospective member, this page should hopefully answer the main questions. For further information, please don't hesitate to contact us.

CURE is a non-auditioned ensemble, which means that there is no official minimum skill level enforced. At the same time, however, neither do we enforce a maximum difficulty level of the music! Join at your peril (muahahaha)... Jokes aside, we do expect you to be (fairly) serious about the recorder, be comfortable with playing both C and F instruments, and have a decent sight-reading ability. The general standard of playing among most of our members tends to be upper-intermediate to advanced, but fear not, there is always something in our music library for everyone, and you are free to choose which parts/pieces to play in for concerts and the like (see Rehearsals for more information).

Previous recorder consort playing experience is not required, since we actively work with one another to develop ensemble and other recorder-specific skills. While it is desirable that you should know how to read in bass clef, don't worry if not - you will be given plenty of on-the-job experience to learn! On a similar note, you don't necessarily have to have ever played (or own) all sizes of the recorder, particularly the larger ones. CURE owns several instruments that can be loaned to members for practice if desired. These include two tenors, two basses, a great bass and a contrabass.