Greetings, and welcome to the home page of the Cambridge University Recorder Ensemble, or just CURE for short! We're a friendly, enthusiastic and dedicated bunch of recorder players (recorder-ists?) who meet weekly during term time to explore the staggering 900+ years of recorder consort repertoire. Since its inception in 2009, our membership has typically ranged from half-a-dozen to a dozen members at any time, playing all sizes of the instrument from wee garklein through to hefty contrabass. CURE performs regularly throughout the year, at various locations around Cambridge and occasionally beyond. We usually hold one or more concerts each term, and sometimes even during the summer break, depending on general consensus and availability of our members.

As a flexible and open-minded group, we play a huge range of styles from medieval choral music and Baroque chamber works, all the way to modern compositions and arrangements of popular tunes. However, the bulk of our music library is dominated by works from the Baroque era, which is heralded as the 'golden age' of the recorder. All the same, we are always welcome to new additions to our repertoire, so if you have something recorder-y you'd like us to play, whether it be your own composition, arrangement or just a favourite piece, do get in touch and we'll endeavour to do our best with it!

If you love playing the recorder, want to gain consort playing experience and/or the chance to meet fellow recorder enthusiasts, do consider joining us. New members are welcome at any time of the year. Please see our Membership page for further information.

You can also find us on Facebook.

Upcoming events

The CURE Annual General Meeting for the 2018-2019 academic year will be held on Monday 11 Mar 2019, 6.30 pm at The Castle Pub. The meeting is open to all current members of CURE. An important part of this meeting is the election of the new committee for 2019-2020.

Recent events

For the full list of past events, check out our Concerts page.


In a special out-of-the-box manoeuvre, our next concert will be 'A Celebration of Video Game Music'! Come to Churchill Recital Room at 6:15 pm to hear all your favourite classic video game tunes, from Pokemon, Tetris, Super Mario, Angry Birds and more! We promise heaps of fun and nostalgia!


Well done to CURE on a successful concert at St Clement's Church as part of the Lunchtime Recital Series, based on 'Music from the Slavonic Tradition'. Many thanks to St Clement's for their hospitality, and we hope we helped raise some extra funds for restoration of the organ!


Our Lent term concert will be held in Christ's College Chapel on Sunday 11 March, 1-2 pm. Come to hear a range of Slavic and American-themed pieces arranged around the theme of 'Journey to the New World'!


Our 2017 Michaelmas concert will be held at St Clement's Church, Saturday 25 Nov, from 1 pm. The theme this round is the delightful 'Masquerade'! Come along to hear a slew of pieces eminently not written for recorders, played on (of course) recorders.

3/10/2017 - 4/10/2017

Thank you to all who helped out with manning the CURE stall at the CUSU Fresher's Fair, and a big welcome to all our new prospective members!


Congratulations to CURE on a successful concert tour to London, where we performed in the lovely outdoor setting of Lloyd Square Garden. The weather was beautiful. Well done to everyone for their hard work rehearsing and performing, and a big thank you to the Oswalds for organising the whole trip!


Our 2017 Lent concert, "Back to the Future", was held in the McCrum Lecture Theatre, Corpus Christi College. All hail the record CURE size of thirteen performers, and for pulling off Schnabel's monumental work, Feuer und Eis, conductor-free with such a splash! Many thanks to the Bene't Club for hosting us!


Our first non-Cambridge, non-London concert was held at St Neots Parish Church.